Recalls the memories when dividing cash into the community

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Hello steemian friends back again with @masykur16, hopefully we are always healthy yes.

We go back to the back, I want to tell the story when the cash distribution program family hopes in idi, March 26, 2018, when I did the distribution in idi, about 10 families who came, to take the cash through an atm card named prosperous family card.


Very fun can help the poor people, there is sustenance do not forget to help people who are less able yes, that message from blog that I made this, from sustenance we have sustenance people who channeled through our sustenance of the creator, may our life a blessing in the world , congratulations in the world and in the hereafter, amen.


Halo sahabat steemian kembali lagi dengan @masykur16, semoga kita sehat selalu ya.

Kita kembali ke belakang, saya ingin bercerita dulu saat pembagian uang tunai program keluarga harapan di idi, 23 maret 2018, saat itu saya melakukan penyaluran di idi, sekitar 10 keluarga yang datang, untuk pengambilan uang tunai tersebut melalui kartu atm yang bernama kartu keluarga sejahtera.


Sangat menyenangkan bisa membantu masyarakat kurang mampu, yang ada rezeki jangan lupa bantu orang yang kurang mampu ya, itu pesan dari blog yang saya buat ini, dari rezeki kita ada rezeki orang yang disalurkan melalui rezeki kita dari sang pencipta, semoga hidup kita berkah di dunia, selamat di dunia dan di akhirat, amin.


Greetings steemit community all over the world.





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