Portraits breaking fast in ramadan

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Hello steemian friend back again with me @masykur16, hopefully we are always excited every day huh friends.

Today I will discuss my friend's breaking portrait during Ramadan. Breaking the fast with friends is usually held in cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. We usually witness the moment of the month of Ramadan.

There is a friendly meeting with friends who just came home from overseas then made a joint opening event during Ramadan. This is all I say, mohob sorry if there is any writing, keep the spirit, enjoy.


Halo sahabat steemian kembali lagi dengan saya @masykur16, semoga kita selalu bersemangat setiap harinya ya kawan. Hari ini saya akan membicarakan potret buka puasa teman saya selama bulan ramadhan.

Buka puasa bersama teman-teman biasanya diadakan di cafe, warung kopi dan rumah makan. biasa kita saksikan saat momen bulan ramadhan.

Ada yang temu ramah bersama teman-teman yang baru pulang mudik dari perantauan maka dibuatlah acara buka bersama selama bulan ramadhan. Hanya ini yang saya sampaikan, mohob maaf bila ada salah penulisan, tetap semangat, enjoy.

Greetings steemit community all over the world.





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