3 tips on how to experience the bad first kiss

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The kiss is an act that activates all 5 senses and sends a signal to the emotional brain centers associated with love and passion. The exchange of such information helps partners understand at a non-verbal level to what extent they like it, which decides whether they are suitable for each other.

But even if the first kiss does not work fine, it will hardly end the relationship.

1.If the first kiss did not occur

Before you agree to a new appointment, trust your instinct. Ask yourself first - the kiss was unpleasant or it was because you were both too embarrassed.

If his lips were cold or too tight, it probably does not matter to you. If things just went wrong, most men would try again. Numerous studies have shown that women attach more importance to kissing than men.

2.Turn him on joke

This is a great solution in tense and awkward situations. Instead of avoiding calls and hiding in a shame, better say something fun about the matter and do not worry about discussing it.

Speaking releases the hormone oxytocin, which reduces stress and helps you communicate comfortably. You will see that when you discuss it everything will be fine in just minutes.

3.Something with adrenaline

A great way to dispel the unpleasant experience of the first kiss is to go somewhere to do something exciting next time - something that will just make you forget everything and indulge in the moment. The adrenaline you are experiencing brings together and melts the ice.

The best choice is something that involves a touch between you, so blood circulation increases and releases the hormone phenethylamine, which increases attractiveness and improves mood.

Source: http://www.teenproblem.net/


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Sometimes is really kind of akward since no one knows what the other person likes, I think the best thing is like always just be yourself and get it over with, in time you will do it like that other person wants

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