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Lore Written by @neilperry

Featuring @Teamsteem as Sgt Guillaume.

Images by @Malicered

The forest is still. There are no birds singing. No insects buzzing. There isn’t even a breeze to stir up these lifeless woods. It is so silent that Brother-Sergeant Guillaume can hear the beats of his twin hearts behind his ribcage.

Guillaume monitors the power pulsing from the microfusion reactor on his back. He’s shut down most of the extraneous functions in his armour. His prey is already wary of his presence, roving bands trampling through the brush as they sweep for him and his squad. He is careful to not alert them. The timing must be right, or the true threats of this infestation might escape.

Guillaume steadies his breath, his hands tightening about the handle of his sword, it’s a power sword. Bael pattern. Four and a half feet long from tip to pommel. The golden wings of the Imperial Aquilla spread out to form the twin sides of a hilt.

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His Squad is ready now, their lights pinging green as they ready for the strike. He pings the vox. “Now Brothers.” His power armor responds instantaneously to his demands. False muscles throughout his armature flex and coil. Motorized servos hiss and whine. Auto-sensors in his helm inundates his mind with information. His body blurs into motion, tearing through the undergrowth as his armour’s speakers crackle to life as he roars. “For the Emperor!” He comes out of concealment, a citadel of plate with power sword drawn, its energy field sizzling with malice.

The Xenos filth are already reacting. They’re fast but not Astartes fast.
The first Ork doesn’t even slow his reckless advance, his eyes still fixed on the true prize as his blade slices effortlessly through the beast’s midsection, its green ichor sizzling as its spatters along his blades energy field. The second had barely turned, an inarticulate roar just bubbling out of its maw as he trims its head off.

He is now deep amongst them, near ten just an arm’s reach away and he takes full advantage of it, a wide sweeping blow lopping off arms and legs. He doesn’t stop, snatching his bolt rifle from his hip to fire it one handed as he marches on, his power sword deflecting a desperate strike as it begins to bark.

Its throaty roar punches a fist-sized hole into an onrushing Ork and keeps on going. It doesn’t stop tearing into the Ork though, one, two and three more times, the Orks chest falling apart as it perforates under the blows of the bolt rifle’s volley.

Its overkill, more than overkill. But Guillaume never takes his chances with these Xenos filth, their legendary constitution something he’s intimately aware of. He’s seen the bigger ones take regular bolt rounds to the chest without flinching. His rifle continues to bark, clearing the space about him of any foes.

His machine spirits continue to commune with the bolt rifle’s sensors, his lenses painting more foes as soon as its autosensors can identify them. Towering above the rest is the true prize of this strike he and his team are launching.

Warboss Gazzkilla, a monstrous slab of muscle which was the only of these feral xenos to wear any armor. It’s a strange contraption of steel, banged into shape from metal ripped off of tractors from the local noble’s farms. In its hands a giant axe waves wildly in the air as it screams and launches itself towards him.

The rest of the Orks join in its stampede.

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Dudes! This is amazing! @neilperry... you write so unbelievably well. The detail and the drama are so good! This is excellent!

The Claw Boyz already hated the Steem Marines so probably aren't going to be too thrilled with the beyond-fierce @teamsteem slashing through them like butter.

DaClawBoyz will smash Guillaume and da rest of his helmet hed humies!
Weez lookin' for a fight!


The Emperor Protects and we are his Sword! Begone Foul Xenos!



Though I fully support the Steem Marines... I always was an Ork fan

This is awesome writing @neilperry, i felt like i was in the center of the action all the way and particularly loved this part

“For the Emperor!” He comes out of concealment, a citadel of plate with power sword drawn, its energy field sizzling with malice.

Great job guys... great job... @dee-y over and out.

Wow.... For one moment, I thought I was the one with the terrific armour and powerful combat abilities. I was living on the realms of shadow of war, devil may cry and some other game battles.

Nice one. I can't wait for your next post.

wow !! Writing skill was damn good .
I really liked it . Appreciate about it's writer .
Need more story like this . So keep posting interesting stories like that .
Waiting for next one .Thanks and bless up @malicered for sharing this.

with your post i can take a good lesson@malicered