What can we do to help people in need

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So I had a thought today about how I could be doing more to help people in need.

I am not the best of writers so bear with me please.

I consider myself very fortunate with where I am in life, I have a well paying job and a loving family etc. In the last few months I have met so many people that are in need of help and it has made me want to do more for other people and charity organizations.

One of my closest friends recently lost his battle with cancer and he was the most giving person I have ever known.
I learnt alot from him over the years and would like to keep giving as long as I am alble to.

I see so many people on here that seem to be doing really well in life and would love to see more of these people get involved in charities, whether it is donating money, time, food , or anything else they could.

Now alot of these people may already be doing these things, so im saying that people dont help others. I would just like to see more of it.

I have now started to donate 20% of my daily mining income in some form to either a charity or giveaway.

It would be awesome if there could be something put into the steem platform that takes a small percentage of the curator/author rewards and pools it together, and donates that money to a charity at the end of every month.

If anyone has any ideas on how we can help charities and make life just a bit easier for someone else, please post in the comments.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.



Madoff first of all I think your idea and all you have already done is what charity is all about and deserve thanks towards helping others from the heart. The only real answer left for me is that the rest of the world should be inspired as one for the future of not only our-self as the hundreds of years past but the growth of a world together ahead. All the best ahead.

Donating to charities is easy. There's no need to create a third party, whose trustworthiness may be very difficult to determine, to assist people in donating.

Here's what I do:

  1. Pick 3-4 charities that help in areas I care about the most.
  2. Research charities to find out how much money goes to the actual cause. Charities that post reports by reputable auditors helps me make my decision.
  3. Decide how much to donate.

That's it. Most charities accept credit card and paypal so there doesn't appear to be many barriers.

Its not about creating a third party, its about getting involved and helping. It is easier if people just donate individually.

You can send bitcoin to charities sometimes. Like one about delivering water in Africa.

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