I feel like Superwoman today!!! 🚗 💪 💃

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Quick story:

I was going to do some errands on my 73' vintage beetle, and it started making a weird noise (like something was loose)...

I was: Ohhh, not again...images.jpg

So I checked around the engine bay...

I'm not mechanic, but I know when there is something wrong with my bug.

There it was: The fan belt was loose...almost falling

I didn't want to call my mechanic, so I went to Youtube and watched some videos on how to fix it...

I realized it was easy to fix, so I took my small toolbox from the trunk.


I always carry some parts and tools because I never know when this old bug starts "acting"

Then I started following the directions from YouTube, and In less than 15 minutes I was able to fix the fan belt!

I went for a ride around the neighborhood to make sure it was fixed correctly...

Then I went out on the road and did all my errands without any issue and very proud of myself for fixing the old bug!

So I feel like superwoman today! 2017-07-05_1145.png

Moral of the story: I will YouTube everything before making a call to my mechanic again!

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Way to get it done. Action and persistence fix a lot of things. Thanks for a little morning motivation

Thank you. It feels good!

Nothing is impossible , youtube make it possible for you :)

Oh yes, It's very useful and it saved me some money too for not calling my mechanic! LOL

Yupp! Its saved your both time and money only time wasted is to watch youtibe video carefully but if you got in first attempt you definitely save your life :P lol :D


You go girl⚡️

Thanks! 💃💪

well done. check youtube first...that's what I do.

Thank you. I'm going to start using YouTube more as a first reference for the daily routines, and then hire if it's out of my hands...

Well done! If other human can do it what makes you thing you can't do it!! and the thinks that you do will always give you more satisfaction than the thing you pay for! that's why I'm building my house by my self.

That's true! Congratulations on your house! Keep rocking!👍👍👍

your car looks like new!!

Oh believe me; It's very old...It's a 1973 beetle.
It looks good because it was fully restored 4 years ago.
IMG_4366.JPG IMG_4245.jpg

it is a beautiful car, it really looks like new!

Thank you.

Good morning what an inspiring story , So glad you got your bug fixed.

Well done! It is very rewarding to DIY repairs. Even if you get in over your head, you can look back and know that you tried, and learned, and will try again!

Yes, Thank you! A very rewarding feeling!