STUDENTS FINAL LESSONS ( adult drawing class )

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I am very impressed on how my students used the techniques that I showed
them to create such detailed work l am currently working on three detailed
Pen and ink drawings myself. Those should done in the next few months.
Like my father and mother told me quality takes time.

Also l start teaching a new class next Monday.
Keep striving people in what ever you do don’t ever give up.

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Thank you jesicaa.

What a beautiful art.I like this


Thank you shamsa.

Super drawing. Your very lucky artist


Thank you babarkhan100.

Good post


Thank you oldman2000.

Very nice story. @luckyfellow


Thank you aishkhan.

You are great art master


Thank you sajidkhan.

Lovely drawing ,,, scene. @luckyfellow


Thank you hippi.

Beautiful drawing ,,,,dear


Thank you civnidoo.

Very nice work


Thank you davidrum.

Impressive work beautiful out of words right now this is magnificent


Thank you blazing.

Good work at this post


Thank you gibwa.

Great post.lovely butterfly


Thank you bismakhan.

Your magic drawing. @ luckyfellow


Thank you kundian.

Cute drawing and nice story


Thank you rokhri.

I love this post


Thank you mianwali.

Where do you teach? If I were closer I would take your class.
I really like these drawings. I would say the 1st and the 6th are my favorite drawings.


I teach in Saint Paul MN. If you ever come here it would be a joy
to have you in my class. I also teach one on one. You just gave
me a idea. Next month l will post step by step lessons starting
off with basic shapes and shading techniques.
Thank you rebeccabe.


be sure and tag me .. :)


Beautiful and creative arts... Really very nice work.... And all the best for your next work and classes.... @luckyfellow well done...


Thank you mharjit.

Wow! That's so nice art work!! Perfection in every detail ... inspiring work!
congratulation to your student and you 👏


Thank you ykdesign.

Beautiful drawing,you are really amazing


My students really got into it. Thank you reetuahlawat.

Your art is very great. In which there is a new form of every butterfly.


Thank you ahlawat.

The pictures here indicates you are a good teacher. Convey my appreciation to your students for the nice pictures. Thanks for stopping by and upvote my writing. Followed you. Hope we will be good friends.


Thank you dindar.