STATE FAIR ( Earth Wind Fire )

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It was a great concert! The music was the real thing, no
prerecorded music. They jammed from the beginning to
the end. I wished l would have brought my iPad for better
quality pictures.

There is always the next time. I will be upgrading
to a better phone sometime in the future. I hope you enjoy
the pictures even though they lack sharpness and clarity.

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Using telezoom for smartphone may be a good solution sir... Have a nice concert


Thank you adibiqbal.

We saw them a few years ago, they’re great live! Glad you enjoyed the show!


Yeah it was great.

Beautiful music concert. I love music


Thank you chhidroo.

Thanks for share. I hope you enjoy


Thank zerozero33.


Thank shahbazhel.

Waooo,, lovely concert


Thank you dhhayr.

Your program is very great. Enjoy the music.


Thank you ahlawat.

Very nice post


Thank waanbhachran.

Excellent.... Post. @luckyfellow


Thank you.

Great,,,, post.,

Good music ,i like it ..thnk u so much to upvote my post thnk u


Thank you kanika-44.

Really, really nice atmosphere ❤
Stage is awesome ❤ amazingly fresh feeling. Amazing work.


Thank ykdesign.

Super fun time in the concert there looks great :D


It was. Thank you blazing.

Postingan anda @luckyfellow selalu bagus bagi saya,, saya sangat suka melihat postingan anda dan saya ingin selalu membagikan postingan anda.


Thank you muksalmacro.


You're my friend @luckyfellow , I want to always visit your blog and share your posts @luckyfellow .