in #story2 years ago


Done in color pencil with a smile on my face.
How l sometimes miss those days when l
used to pick my daughter up and dance her to


Best post in this morning

Grat work my friend i love this work lucky

Cute tuch

Thank you.

This very nice art i appreciate your story.. thanks for sharing this.. creative. Best of luck.. resteemit..

Most welcome..

Superb work my parker

Wonderful work with pencil

Remembrance of childhood

Isn’t it great. Thank you.

Hey well done!
I think you'd have a lot of success pursuing children's book illustration, theres a huge market for it, and you have a wonderfully childlike way of drawing. Wish you the best :)

I would actually like to work with someone who is doing a children’s book. Thank you.

wow lovely story dear

There will be more to come. Thank you.

you are an awesome artist great talented work

Thank you cutiepie.

Mesmerizing work by you so nice to see it :)

Thank you very much.

It’s nice and cute ....really sometimes we miss our cutest moment of our life ... thanks for sharing....

this is a nice part ... good to see your work :)

Glad to share it with you.

Very nic post.

So beautiful posts.

Awww these are so sweet! I too miss the days of picking up my sons and dancing them to I just do it with my cat haha

You really have a talent here; I'm with @joeyok; you should be illustrating children's books. I love how yours has an 'old time' feel to it. I always toyed with writing a children's book (high school English/History teacher for years). If I ever bite the bullet, you will be my go-to guy for sure! Cheers:)

I would love to work with you.

Well then, you're my go-to guy if I decide to do it one day :)

My son is a young artist. I want to show him this! Nice work. Joy

Cute work my friend vry nce post i see in the morning on your blog

wow Lovely art dear.....upvoted

Fantastic post love it

Lvely post @luckyfellow feeling appy whit your post

Thank you.

Best ever

Thank you very much.

Love your work veey nice riend

Thank you.

I love you lucky for yor cute hard work

More to come thank you.

Goodmorning withe your lovefull pos

Good morning to you also. Thank you.

Wao what a nice work lucky

Thank you.

Good morning lucky

Good morning to you also. Thank you.

Lovely work

Thank you lovely lady.

I liked 3 pic)))

Thank you.

Niece pencle work

Thank you

Ummmma love this

Thank you.

Super shine work

Thank you.

I loved it how beautifully made each stroke is made with excellent wow :D

Thank you.

wow! i am surprised about your creativity.

Thank you.

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Thank you.

This brings back so many memories. I remember, each week, sitting in the TeaSource working together on this book. Life was so different for both of us then. It's hard to believe how many years have gone by and how quickly they've passed. I'm proud of how much you've grown my friend.

amzing work

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