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This was taken a few weeks ago. Me and another artist worked on
banners together. It feels good to get back to painting and drawing
on projects again. I start teaching this coming Monday, evening
classes. Still working on my own artwork at the same time.
Sometimes it gets a hard to maintain the energy.

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Beautiful drawing benner


Thank you oldman2000.

Great to see your post back keep sharing and steem on : )


Thank you blazing.

Love your positivity.❤ also your smile;
thank you so much for sharing unfinished artwork, hope we'll see soon.


Thank ykdesign.


Welcome back,,,, @luckyfellow

Very good idea


Thank you bismakhan.


Thank you babarkhan100.

it is very beautiful art!


Thank you ahlawat.

Wait,,,lovely photography


Thank you aishkhan.


Thank you sajidkhan.

Nice,,, your magical artist


Thank you hippi.

Great work at the art and painting


Thank you civnidoo.

Hi ,,, my dear


Hello davidrum.

Very nice,,how are you


Thank you kundian.