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Often people associate clouds with gray skies and pouring rain. Misery,
gloomy mood, sadness and pain. How about looking at from a different
perspective. Clouds can represent cotton candy, a journey to some place
new and exciting, the beginning of a new and positive day.

As a child l often imagined myself flying above the clouds in a
one seater aircraft of some sort. Looking at the sun from a different
point of view. I even wonder how great it would be if l could fly.
I have seen faces in clouds, images of angels, animal shapes, colors
gods beauty and rainbows coming through.

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very amazing thx for sharing


Thank you nice.man

There is a very beautiful view of the clouds.


Thank you ahlawat.

Colours are beautiful. ❤
The clouds really are shine and wonderful! You've captured the colours amazingly ! 📷


Thank you ykdesign.

Beautiful cloud shot


Thank you waanbhachran.

This pic look really beautiful


Thank you chhidroo.

Waooo,, cute shining cloudy post


Thank you zerozero33.


Thank you shahbazhel.

Cool. Amazing post


Thank you dhhayr.

What a Beautiful work at this post


Thank you maghribkhan.

Wow... awesome cloud.

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