THE NECKLACE tale of maupassant

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IT WAS ONE OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL AND DELICIOUS creatures born as a fate mistake in a family of employees. I had no means to be known, understood, wanted, to find a rich and distinguished husband; and consented to be married to a modest employee of the ministry and public instructions. not being able to decorate herself, she was simple, but unfortunate, like a woman forced by luck to live in a sphere inferior to the one that corresponds to her; because women have no caste or race because their beauty, their attractiveness and their charm serve them as executions and family, Their native firmness, their instinct of elegance and their flexibility of spirit are for them the only hierarchy, which equals the daughters of the town with the greatest ladies.
She suffered constantly, feeling born for all the delicacies and all her luxuries. He suffered contemplating the poverty of his home, the misery of the walls, his broken chairs, his ugly clothes. All these things, in which she would not have even repaired any other woman in her house, tortured her and filled her with indignation. The sight of the Breton girl who served them as a maid awoke in her desolate and delirious regrets in her dream. In the silent antechambers of oriental tapestries, lit by tall bronze lamps and in the two neat lackeys with short breeches, asleep in anchovies. Loved by the intense heat of the stove. He thought of the great halls hung with ancient silk, the fine furniture of priceless figurines and the sweet, perfumed little rooms, ready to talk five hours with the most intimate friends, the famous and lost men whose attention was sought by all the women when they sat down. at lunchtime in front of the round table covered by a three-day tablecloth, in front of her husband, who uncovers the tureen, saying with an air of satisfaction: "Ah what a good soup! There is nothing so excellent for me, like this! "He thought of the delicate meals in the silver services shining in the tapestries that populate the walls of strange ancient characters within a fantastic forest; they thought of the exquisite and select delicacies, offered in wonderful sources; in the gallantries murmured and heard with a sphinx smile while savoring the rosy trout meat or a pheasant.


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