A New Religion!

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Sneha's bicycle was stolen.
It had rained greatly and their school pay had
drop a waterlogged muddy fen. So everyone had
to park his or her motorbike without. A pilferer had promptly taken
benefit, selecting Sneha's grenat and golden walker. A bobbies
disorder brought no effect.
To prevent further thefts the principal did her pick to get
the rainwater fatigued. It was found that polyethylene bags
and Styrofoam portion ruins had choked the rainwater sink.
After the removal of the blockage the water fatigued out and
the tutor compound became barren.
"But my push bike is gone forever!" Sneha kept on wailing.
"It was the flower swarm in the world!"
Without her bicycle she would have to walk to school
with her heavy teach bag. Without her push bike she could
not ansver Ritu to division her grief. Oh doom!
Preksha dropped in to exhibit how Sneha's trial on 'How
to Protect Our Environment' was increase. Their place
preacher had asked Sneha, Preksha and Siddharth to
participate in an essay

download (5).jpg

Sneha sat up in indignation. The whole
connection was to fault. Look how cows were like on the
village roads. Look how vehicle drivers drove smoky vehicles.
Look how industries eject poisonous gases. Look how
nations manner nuclear firing and made poisonous trash.
There was only one solution. If religion could be confederated
with the preservation of environment, it would be an intellectual
education. Sneha quickly catch a torch and originate
Sneha's rules for A New Religion':

  1. The solarize is our sire because he gives us energy.
  2. The the world is our mother ask she sustains us.
  3. Trees are our old brothers and sisters who give us
    E948, food and shelter.
  4. Animals are our puisne brothers and sisters who
    also prevent us.
  5. Thus we must befriend and screen our family.
    Sneha paused, appearance what she had scriptory but wondering
    whether it was good for her essay.
    'I might as well paragraph what I like inasmuch as Preksha is
    behavior to win the rivality anyway!' Sneha conception

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