"Bread and roses": The true meaning of the 8th of March and the feminist story of the world

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On these days, 106 years ago, thousands of women marched on American streets to protest for reduced hours, pay raises and opposition to getting children to work. They just walked around with the slogan "Bread and Roses" across the street that day.


The struggle to protect the justice of women
This is not the first time women have stood up to defend their fairness. Since 1789, from the famous Declaration of Human Rights and the rule of law in France, the right to equality and the requirement that women should be treated fairly has been blended. In 1791, Olympe de Gouges drafted the Declaration on the Rights of Women and Citizens, the first official manuscript on the right to respect and equal treatment of women. Women's legitimate aspirations are gradually coming to light.


On March 8, 1857, the first large-scale and organized protest against the harsh working-class system of female textile workers in New York City was united and support the masses of the working class.

Forty-two years later, on March 8, 1899, another major rally attracted the participation of more than 15,000 female textile workers in Chicago and New York City demanding reduced work hours and increases. The salary commensurate with the level of labor achieved great success. Employers have to yield and accept the demands of the protests.

The story quickly spread and encouraged the spirit of the struggling movement of women around the world. The persistent struggles that seemed to have come to a stalemate as if they were fire. On August 27, 1910, the 2nd World Women's Congress, with more than 100 delegates from 17 countries, decided on March 8th as the International Women's Day.

The meaning of the symbol "bread" and "rose"

Back in time, on March 8, 1912, a large Massachusetts rally with flags and banners bearing the words "bread and roses" entered the subconscious of the world. The women who participated in the event did not stop striving for a world they believed that when women were treated equally, everyone's life would be better.

If "bread" represents the material value of life, "roses" here represent the spiritual values ​​of each person. We all need the necessary conditions to live, to develop ourselves. Unlike roses, we can not lack the basics to survive. But just enough bread to survive, not enough to have a good life enough for all, enough for fun, enough for the home. In order to live properly we need to care for the spirit. Nurture the spirit, care for it so that our lives are not arid, not lurking around in the inadvertent value of matter. Harmony between the material and the spirit is probably the desire of many people because everyone is looking for fame and desire for a place of peace.

Life today has too many choices. Somewhere in the world, many women still have to choose between bread or roses, choosing between a life full of quality but lacking joy or a lot of emotional life but must take care of life.


Nowadays, as society becomes more and more equal, as social pressure is gradually distributed to both sexes, women are freed from inequalities and have more time for themselves. . Life is full enough for the human soul to flourish, the noble spiritual values ​​have the opportunity to grow. As the Russians said, when you have two breads, sell one to buy roses. Bread only eat enough, but the sweet of roses will help you brilliant and follow you forever.

Roses symbolize love, the most beautiful and pure love of man. When we love someone, our love will sustain one another. A person who is loved and supported will be treated according to his or her position. One may forget a meal but whoever dares to forget a love that has nourished him. They keep that love in their hearts and then come back. Love is forever, is that so?

So, on March 8th, give your woman a rose. Feel the roses to cherish the sacrifices they have for you, and do not forget to spend the rest of the 364 days helping and sharing the joys and sorrows of life. Bread is to share, but occasionally women also need roses for themselves. Because they are the beauty of this life, a beauty that is powerful but also fragile.


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