The struggles of becoming a man - Men go through a lot DON'T THEY?

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So today i'm going to be sharing a story from experience i had just last week, men go through a lot don't you think?

It happened that since last week things are going pretty badly for me i had to fix lots of things i even lost my android device it's not been easy that's what i can say to you. When i went to fix my laptop last week i had to stay there for a longtime as the Engineer was trying to fix it in my presence after postponing it for a very long time i was pretty much annoyed that night. Unknowing to me that there was a young man observing me, he was there so his phone could get fixed up because it was a joint shop for phones and laptops. So later on this young man who was observing me called out my name mentioning the ELEMENTARY school we attended together, i couldn't recognize him until he said his name was IFEANYI that was when i recalled and we shook hands.

I and my former classmate IFEANYI had a very long chat where we discussed about our classmates and how life has been treating us. He told me he couldn't get admission into the UNIVERSITY, so his parents rented him an apartment and he is now working.

He asked about my life and how i was doing, i replied saying "Man i'm a student studying computer engineering and that i'm also a blogger that was how i earned some money which i used to support myself"

Looking at the way he was dressed and the type of phone he was using one could assume that life wasn't treating so well, he told me how he lost his Mum and his father was wasted to alcohol. He was the person fending for himself as well as assisting his younger ones i was so amazed at how far one would go to ensure his family doesn't suffer. Then i realized one thing
-Life doesn't always give you what you asked for, you have to work multiple times to get what you want that was when i realized how much struggle my dad must have gone through to give me a comfortable life.

It's not easy to be a man, if you say it is then you must be a liar or breastfed all your life.

After this encounter with my friend IFEANYI, i've been so scared on what awaits me on the outside how would i live my life without my parents supporting me. Who do i become? What do i become? Do i become successful or not?
These are unanswered questions which i'm pretty sure i can't answer until i reach there.

Thanks for taking your time to read this story i hope you also share your experience let's talk about them.

It's your boy DACHI

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