Mommy promised her the monsters weren’t real. But mommy didn’t know that daddy was the monster.

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This story is about a young girl who was the only the only child of a well known family.
She was pampered and given all one could ask for. Her name was Jane. Ever since Jane was little she has always been well taken care of by her Mum. The only issue she had was her Dad who became an alcoholic after he lost his businesses, the only one providing for the family was her Mother who earned average as a lawyer. She went to a very nice school and was the best in her class. Jane had everything except for her Dad who didn't care about her.

So there came a day when Jane's Mum left her to go to her office as usual, this time around she didn't pick her up from school, Jane had to go home alone. On reaching her house she found her drug Dad scattering everywhere, destroying properties because he wasn't himself he was drunk.

When Jane's Dad saw her he was like

Come over here little girl.

Jane knowing her father wasn't himself since he has been taking hard drugs lately.
She tried to avoid him and decided to go to her room, he ran after her with lust in his eyes.

He grabbed the little girl, threw her on her bed.
She tried struggling but it was totally useless because he was bigger than her.
Finally, Jane was deflowered by her own father.

After this incident, he threatened her not to tell her mum or he was going to deal with her.
Jane had to live with this painful secret. A very horrible memory.

The worst part was that he didn't stop there. He continued molesting her whenever her Mum wasn't present.

She had to live with the fact that her father was a monster, while her mum had no idea.

The child would have opened up to her mother if they were a bit closer to each other.
Most times it's not about the gifts and money we give to our children, it's about the quality time we spend with them.

No matter the situation we are facing we should avoid alcohol and hard drugs they'll only make our problems worse just like Jane's Dad. Imagine he wasn't a drug addict. He would not try to molest his own daughter.

Let's say no to CHILD ABUSE

If you are a neighbour and you notice such a thing going on , Please do your best to stop it.

This is a real story, it actually happens

So what do you think about this story? Let's share our ideas on how this can be resolved.

It's your BOY Dachi

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