On Filtering Friendships

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Filter is not life. No, it’s not always.

"We never had a real talk then; this is the first time we ever talked and spent time for long hours of meaningful conversation, and it’s surprising we would click!”


⌛We have known each other for more than two decades but neither of us made extra effort to initiate an engaging talk to know each more and find common interests.

🔮Some say Filter is life; so we filter talks, filter photos and we are very particular about filter features of a phone camera before buying it. But filters must serve us best not bad.

🕵️‍♀️Because what if your filter modalities aren’t synchronized? And your filter needs to be filtered?

👩‍⚖️Undesirable things happen when you prejudge people because they do not pass the look you desire, their manner of dressing or talking , their social status or family background— shutting your door right away because they aren’t your kind.

🙅‍♀️It’s unfortunate if we have lowered our standard when it comes to building friendships.

⌨️If you are someone who just settled to being contented to friends’ likes and reactions to your posts on the social media, likely you might find yourself feeling lonely often.

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩Genuine friendships are built on trust; and that has to be cultivated with tangibles. You’ve got to feel, hear, see the other person -- feel their hugs- tight of loose, eye to eye contacts, warm handshake or hand squeezes, pat on the back, hear the sound of their laughter, see the number of lines on their forehead and eye wrinkles, facial muscle lines.

☝️I personally believe these lay the foundation of meaningful friendships --when nothing is filtered but the purest beautiful real ‘YOU’ is exposed to the other person.

So with this lady friend of mine, for the first time ever, we talked from morning ‘til the break of dawn.😄 Something just bonded us.

🤗And I literally felt close with this lady in just a few hours of intentional interaction more than the decades of just saying ‘hi’ and ‘hello’ in a superficial way.

👉My take here? I filtered too much. It’s a good move to filter out people from our life in order to find the ones we resonate and the ones we do not (energy sucker as they’re called).

⛹️‍♂️But filtering out people without even giving a chance to get to know them is a lousy long shot.

🙌Staying open and being curious to someone’s thoughts and interests are ways to dig into lasting friendships/relationships. Who knows whether you would click or not?

🌏Our Cosmic world has its way of twisting fate often at unexpected moments. The person you once met and never bothered to talk to might be the person you would encounter again to listen to your stories, to watch your back, to spark your passion, to help you with a skill, or to be your travel pal.

🔥Figuring out what makes us click rather than how we’ll crash with others could open a door of rewarding possibilities.😃💓


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