Kick Out Those Excuses

in #story2 years ago (edited)

Trying something new can be discomforting sometimes.


But if you have something in your mind and/or in your heart that you have been wanting to do for the longest time and have not started yet because of your never-ending excuses, you are missing out on something really cool.

You will never know what flavors and colors and aroma are hidden inside a box of chocolate that is never opened.

I started planking to strengthen my core few years ago. It was a very convenient way of keeping myself fit without going to the gym. And I have loved it until now.

At my first attempt, it took me 15 seconds with shaking shoulders and arms. And I thought, this is too hard for me. But because I am a person who is up for a challenge especially when it's something interesting for me, I persist. Doing it over and over gave me progress.

Until one time, i got so stoked because I was able to do an uninterrupted two-minute stretch with my planking! Amazing!

Nothing is achieved until you decide to act on it.
Kick your excuses out right now, and kick your idea in!


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