Friendship Vitamin

in #story2 years ago

It's one of those moments when a friend calls and asks to hang, and I would drop everything and go! There's something magical when great old friends get together (well..not necessarily by age 'coz we think and feel we're young then, now and forever!)

📙Old stories are as fresh as new; they are never monotonous even said over and over again.

🤣Unrestrained, carefree laughs need not tamed; all I want to do is be my most authentic self and have fun every single second.

Great friendship is to me a relationship vitamin.

🥑If it's never awkward or threatening at all to peel my skin off- like a mango- with someone, expose all my soft spots, weakest links, inadequacies, silliness, dumbness - with ease....

🤩Then, to me, I’ve got the richness every single human being would want to have. And instead of rejection, I am seen as nothing but a faultless and sweetly ripening beautiful me!

💵Because this is something money can never afford to buy from any corner of this planet.

🍷Vitamin friendship is a secret boost for long and happy life. My life is less meaningful without it for sure.

🔥Like an elegant wine, mature yet isn't past its best, vitamin friendship is perfectly fermented through time and tide.


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