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 Believe me, it has helped me be confident in the toughest of the times. I look at it almost every morning, and had it as my wallpaper for a long time; both in my laptop and in my phone. 

 If you don’t know what this is, let me take you out of this world. I first ask you to look at this picture for a minute. What could that Pale Blue Dot possibly be? 

 Your pet that died two years ago. Your first kiss. Your first laugh, and your first tears. Your heartbreaks, your kneebreaks, your graduation, your failures and subsequent successes. All of that. All the History of the world you know of. All the triumphs, all the defeats. All the folklores and the witch-hunting stories. 

 Everything is in this Pale Blue Dot suspended in the sunbeam. This is the Earth. 

 In 1977, a spacecraft built by NASA, Voyager 1, was launched in space. It was on its mission of wandering when the Philosopher - astronomer Carl Sagan asked the mission control to turn one of its cameras toward its originating source. And then we saw the Earth, from 6 billion Kilometers. It could be so hard, almost unfathomable, to imagine something so vast being so tiny. But that's how it is. 

 Now, imagine. There are millions of galaxies in the observable universe. And in every galaxy, there are millions of stars and planetary systems. And in one of those beautiful galaxies, there is a star. Around that star, revolves a planet. In that planet, there are continents. Those continents have countries. The countries have states. The states have districts. The districts have areas. And in one of those areas, lives Emma Watson. In an area far away and cheaper, live you. 

 At the end of the day, you are too tiny to even matter to the universe. Your problems, your rejections, your fears and trepidations, are tiny mumblings in front of the Universe and its systems. If Earth is a dot, what are you? 

 So, screw methods of becoming confident. You get one small life of 100 odd years. Out of which you have lived the first 23 and you will not be able to live the last 23, as you will be a bed ridden, arthritis laden scum. You have few years. You have few moments. 

 Screw fear. You go ask that girl out. You get fit. You get money. You enjoy as much as you can. Don’t live the same day for the rest of your days. Ultimately, its about your joy and nothing else. 


 Pale Blue Dot

Authors - @l-bedbug-l , @mockinbird

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well , i'm the one who written that post on my blog

Thank you for the confidence boost :)

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