Ladies beware!!!

in story •  last year

U started talking to a guy online .At first u thought of it as nothing more than just a friend U started talking day &night constantly He made u smile
He kept u closer than distance He made u his priority to talk too His main No side hoe's, Night by Night pass by He decided to see u in person
You became best friends You fell for him instantly You keep telling yourself he is the one Then one night he said You know I love you right?
Your stun, pretended as if you didn't hear him , you saw him sad and you finally said it back You have met again and again He finally asked you the question He asked you to be his
and you said yes Couple of month went by You were still strong
Argument came You held each other
You got through it.
Whenever you mess up He forgives you Whenever he mess up you do the same But you started losing feelings Then temptation came You found someone closer He didn't leave you even when he knew something was up Yet u push him away When all he wanted was to give love to you He cried over you He chased you But it seems you are more happy with someone else He finally realized He started moving on But he found himself coming back to you You were confused You keep ignoring him
You keep your self busy with some one else He didn't want to give up on you but his body eventually did His gone
Meanwhile u are happy with someone else. Yet he was hurting , But one night, You realize you miss him You miss the way u guys were But the damage has been done You want to call him, message him But you afraid he's moved on already But u didn't know he stayed loyal all this time You are too sacred You love him DON'T YOU? But you just tell yourself u don't care but u really do Feelings turns to memories Night by Night you lay awake Thinking about how u guys have been All the goals u have plan together But now it is too late for that Your plans are gone His gone Memories is all that is left Don't make the same mistake Temptations are just there to test..

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