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Tok tok tok! The branding on the door jolts me out of the darkness, sweat rolls off my body as I hear my mother call my name through my bedroom door. Breathing heavily from the last feeling of going under into darkness. Opening my eyes the light shines and blurs the room as it baths me making my vision hard to focus. The smell of the tunnel a clear memory as if I had not left the darkness. Foreboding my being as I try to shake off the nightmare i just been woken from.

Tok tok tok. Again I hear my name being called out, louder now making me answer louder than I had intended. She screams at me, berating through the door, ordering to get out of bed.

I hop out of bed as I hear her walk back to the kitchen, steps facing away. I shake away my dark feeling, it lingers in the back of my mind. Smelling the food eating through my door my stomach lurches, the noise sounds like evil welling inside me. I get off my bed and start looking for my pants as I reach down to pull them up a graze becomes visible on my leg. My heart jumps, the air cools and the hairs on the back my neck stand.

Breathing, moist and warm. The light vanishes as quickly as it appeared, the distant water dripping on hard floors echoes in the distance. Hard sharp pain presses down on my chest, my breathing labored from the heavy pressure on me. Growling looking and steady drowns my breathing.

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