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Darkness envelops my eyes with only the musty cool air in my ears, softly water drips slowly onto wet floors. A distant sound like a growl emanates from the distance making my pulse beat faster. A sense of foreboding gets me on my toes.

I shiver as my adrenaline starts to pick up. The growl is moving closer. Scraping sounds can be heard now and I strain my eyes, willing and praying that my vision clears in this dark dank place.

Time stands still, I hear my breathing and it betrays me from what lurks in here with me. The beat in my chest is getting faster. The growling is getting louder now and the scraping sounds like something organic on hard stone ever closer. I strain to keep my breathing quiet but failing, resulting in more panicked breathing.

Faster and ever faster breathes are coming and growing. As I move backwards to whatever it is coming towards me i feel my legs falling, I start to notice a sharp pain on my right thigh. I reach down and feel warm wet blood on my leg. The growl clearly closer to me. So close the inhale is audible. I shake in fear and closer my eyes, no use I know since there is no light for me to tell our see anything even myself.

The scrapping stops. The growling is now on me. The deep heavy breath of what ever this is permeates the air directly in front of me, my breathe shakes uncontrollably.

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