{STORY} The Cleansing - Room 1 part 1

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Mr White was in complete darkness. He was locked to the chair he was sitting on, with chains. Unable to move. The room looked like being small. He did not know why he was there or how he got there. Mr White was a well-known businessman. He sells over a billion phones each year. He was labelled to be the peacemaker of the century. Earning him the Nobel prize for peace. One of the most influential people in the world was Mr White. He has donated to charities countless times. But why is he here if he is such a saint? That is what he thought.


The room got a little brighter. A lamp went on and Mr White saw that there was a tiny flower garden in from of him. The flowers are just barely touching his feet. Why is that for? He did not know. But it looked innocent at first glance. Mr White tried to move. Going left and right with all of his body but unfortunately for him, the chair was stuck to the floor. He started to wonder what he did wrong to end up here. After a couple of minutes he just said:

"Hello! Is anybody here?"

"I thought you are never going to wake up." - said an unknown voice from the shadows of the unlit space of the room

After some seconds, Mr White saw two eyes, slowly walking to the lit part of the room. Maybe the room wasn't that small thought Mr White.

"You are wondering, why I brought you here. You can't win an argument with yourself about what you did wrong. Maybe it was the 2 million you stole the previous year. But no one knows about them right? Oh, you are now wondering how do I know. Take a deep breath. You are not here because of that. It is something way bigger. You are going to cleanse yourself from everything and after our little seance, you will be reborn. You will suffer because of what you did with your "little" business you have."

"What did I do wrong?" - said Mr White

"You did nothing wrong with your two hands, but millions of people suffered because of what your business did to them. - when he said those words he got lit by the light of the only lamp in the room - you made people commit suicide because you paid them as little as possible. To work and produce your "smart" phones. And what was the solution to the suicides? You made nets outside the factory buildings where if someone tried to commit suicide he was going to be "saved". Is that how you solve a problem? "

Mr White now sees his face. The Unknown man looked like a zombie. Dirty face, small parts of hair here and there, yellow teeth but what stuck to his mind is that he had a box of matches in his hand.

"What are those matches for?" - nervously asked Mr White

"Are you listening to me? Or just to your own ego like you like to do. Ok, I am going to tell you a secret... these matches are for you. You are going to burn in Hell sooner than you think"

"What do you want? I...I can give you money. Lots of money. Your life can become like your dreams. You can have everything. Just tell me a price. How much do you want?"

The Unknown man smiled

"I just..." - he started to light a match - " want to see you... suffer"

"Don't do it. Don't. Just please for God's sake. I can make you powerful. Immortal. Untouchable. "

"Say Hi to Hell!" - he threw the match to the flower garden and the flowers started burning.

The fire just barely touched Mr Whites feet and made him suffer, with no probability of killing him. The pain was immeasurable. Mr White started screaming and saying "Make it stop".

"These beautiful flowers. Can also be deadly. But I do not want to kill you. Where would be the fun in that? "

"Make it stop! Please, I beg you. I will do anything. ANYTHING."

The Unknown man was ignoring what Mr White was saying and he continues his speech while walking from right to left like a teacher

"You see, we do not value life unless we are down in the deepest shit possible. You have always been in front of the crowd, Mr White. How can a man value life when he never suffered? That is why I am here. To teach you a lesson. To crush your identity and form a new better one from the ashes. Have you ever looked in the mirror lately, Mr White?"

"I look at it every day. Just make this stop, please. "

"What do you see? When you look at the mirror, Mr White."

"My..." - 10 sec of screaming - "face. Please make it stop I can't stand the pain anymore."

"Your face? Is that the answer you have."

"I don't know just make it stop please" - Mr White almost started crying - " please mister, make... it stop..." - he started to cry

"Poor man. I crushed his soul." - he went back to the dark parts of the room, got a bucket of water and stopped the fire

"Thank you..."- said Mr White with tears

The Unknown man again went to the back of the room and got a small mirror. Went in front of Mr White while stepping into the garden. He positioned the mirror so Mr White can see himself.

"What do you see?"

"My face"

"Look deeper!"

"I don't know! What do you want me to say? I see just me and my crying face... let me go... please"

The Unknown man got the mirror and smashed it into Mr Whites head. The mirror broke to pieces and went all around the room. Mr white went unconscious.


After a couple of hours and a couple of desperate tries to make Mr White conscious again, he woke up. Confused he opened his eyes and observed. His eyes were going rapidly from right to left when he finally realised he is still here stuck into this chair and it was not a dream all along. The difference was that there was a second chair in front of him, where the Unknown man was sitting with crossed legs and with a cigarette in hand.

"Do you want me to tell you what I see? You did not answer the question so I will. In front of me" - he lighted his cigarette - "I see a monster. A monster which is well dressed. With a tie. A hair that resembles a rich man. With expensive shoes which are not dirty at all, they shine. You look like a big deal. Like a trustworthy human being, That is your status you try to maintain... But in reality, you are a soul crusher. You kill souls so you can feed of-of them" - he takes a puff - "metaphorically saying. Your business depends on poor people running it. You can't live without the poor Asian people who you exploit each and every day. For profit. On top of everything... you are the main face of the company and all of the buyers, of your fucking expensive phones, are worshipping you as some kind of GOD. Your workers die slowly. And so will you. If you haven't noticed, you are bleeding from the mirror I smashed into your face. You will die soon. And I will laugh while you bleed."

"You motherfucker. I will kill you. You will pay for that. People will be suspicious of where I am. They will start seeking." - angrily Mr White said that

The Unknown man walked in front of Mr White. Placed a finger in front of his lips, resembling that he should stay silent.

"No, no, no... you poor guy... trying to scare me. You haven't learned a thing. So we will go to stage 2. It will be so fun... for me"- he said that and what followed was a psycho laugh. A one which the joker would give.

to be continued...

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