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Have you ever really thought about the huge difference/similarities between the three?

Hi, my name is Klynic and I'm a screenwriter, songwriter, novelist and audio brand strategist. I could easily tell you that I am a blogger, but...aren't we all here on steemit?

In my active years as a professional writer I've come to see that all these three:




They all have one thing in common, and if you are a fellow writer then your guess is as great as mine .


At the end of every song, every good movie or book you have consumed, there's always that lingering empathic feeling that follows you around for the the rest of the day. Sometimes the feeling is so strong that it could affect your activities for the whole day or for years to come.

Now these three have their distinct differences though.

  • Books(novels) : Are long form, you can use an entire page to describe the way Mark looks at his woman and how she feels when his eyes are on her. Best part is, if you are really good with words you'll keep your readers engaged till the lovers explode. Here you engage the 5 senses of your readers, allowing their imaginative capabilities run wild and unchecked.

  • Movies: Even if they run for 2hrs or more , there's only so much a screenwriter is allowed to do. You strip your writing to just the things that are necessary to move your story forward. Most of the work will be done on camera and if you have good actors casted for the perfect role then you are in luck. There's a little left for the imagination while watching a movie because everything is black and white in front of you.

  • Songs: These days with radio plays being a thing in our world today, the job of songwriters gets more tasking. You want to deliver a masterpiece that someone will give 2-6 minutes of their time to, there's a lot you need to consider, your vocalist, the music itself and then your words. People love to click the next button, they are growing impatient by the year, so the question is why should they listen to your song.

Remember that there's a new book, movie and song coming out every second. For what it's worth in currently working on my 1st Novel for the year, new songs for my band and a feature film script for a client all at once. It's the life I chose, but the question remains,

Why should they listen to my song, watch my movie or read my book?

If you can answer this question honestly then you just might be in the right profession.

Every job solves a problem, or answers a question in life. If you aren't asking the right questions as a career person then you might just be living out another person's dream.

Find the questions and BECOME the answer.

I'm still your favorite writer

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