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We fell in love and that was the problem, seeing as we sauntered towards an end that had no beginning. We laced our hearts with a love that was borne of pure lust and eschewed every promissory note of trust. Tee...I'll lie to you if I say I didn't have my doubts when we decided to try. You had your reservations yet the forlorn feeling that adorned your guts motivated you to trudge whilst pushing for a relationship that had no foundation nor a reasonable future we could see at the time.

Last night when we waved goodbye and I watched the lights of your taxi trail off , I thought for a moment what my life would be like without you...

...I had no answer, and this really disturbed me.

If we were characters in a movie, this would be the scene where a montage plays out, showing different scenes of our show of affection. We would be holding hands , dancing wild in the sun, throwing food at each other as we cooked in my kitchen, there'll definitely be the pillow fight and it'll end with the suggestion that my life would be INCOMPLETE without you.

Tola... I felt none of these and it made me uneasy.
Do I love you? "Yes"

Our chemistry is undeniable, you basically complete my thoughts and finish my sentences. Our friends are jealous of the love we share, but in these 2 years we've played the perfect couple, our individual lives have remained the same.

We never talk about life , we never talk about our faith. I'm not sure if you go to church and somehow it never really matters how we spend our Sundays as long as we find time to be together during the weekends.

I believe there is more to life...
I know there is something that's missing and we cannot find it together, if we could, these two years we've had together would have been enough to find it.

It's our two year anniversary tomorrow and this letter is my gift to you. I love you enough to let you go and build your life. I'll do my best to become the man I'm destined to be and I have no doubts you'll make something of your life now that I'm no longer there to distract you.

It's okay to cry but you'll pick yourself back up, you always do.

I love you.


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