A Plate of Sardines...

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A Plate of Sardines...

Today I had to prepare some fried sardines with a little rice to accompany, while preparing the sardines, an old memory of my childhood came to my mind.

My mother had the habit of preparing a Sardinian pastiche a month, if it is a strange recipe but I can assure you that it is very delicious, since it has a lot of ingredients like: tomato sauce, garlic sauce, onion, Spicy chili, spices and many potatoes.

I do not remember very well the preparation process, but I remember that my Mom took about 3 hours to prepare this dish.


Today I tried to make this family recipe, but the truth was very difficult since I was lost in the way the Sardinian pastiche is prepared, that filled me with Tristeza since I remembered those moments in family and the magical thing that is to share with the family .

As a child I was very happy when my family joined to prepare some strange and delicious dish, they are moments that I will never forget and will be all my life present in my trunk of memories.



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