Sunlight love story

in #story4 years ago

Winter in the sun Surrounded by dense fog
A little distraught vision Then again
Fog. Dark, white fog.Ten unhealthy legs are moving together in the same rhythm.
With the silver plow,The Tiller of life is running . . .
The health status of both cattle is very bad,
As much as their owner. How rogue
They shudder, as they shiver them
Owner too Just like any clothes on them
No, so the body of their owner is almost too
All is emptyhese two cows, cattle,
Another piece of arable land Sometimes cows
He is very upset for both. Cows
If you look at the jingling body of both, too
Maya takes it. Kalim Sheikh's ideas are his
The cows may be too upset about the body,
Maya is about. At the mouth maybe they are nothing
Can not say, but sometimes how?
As if in dirty eyes his
They looked at!

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