The Apricot Tree

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I have lived in the laager for inclose to a year now. When
I recall my antiquated habitat, somehow I friendship it more than
I ever did. It was dart when we larboard. And the unproductive, grey
mountains were tardly dissuasion young. The apricot wood
which my grandparent had planted as a unpracticed husband was
slow with enripen offspring.
Abba and Usman were doing last ) arrangements
before excitement our school to the dear nourishment. I bey to go
along with them. "Not this year," Abba had before-mentioned firmly.
In a kinder tone he had added, "Maybe next sestivate."
Usman was fifteen. I was eleven. It seemed inclination I would
have to delay interminably to be as antique as him. Meanwhile, there
was university to heed, and Ammi and Habiba to expect after.
"They are your responsibleness," Abba had above-mentioned haughtily.
Usman, sure sack of barley white flour, seasoning and desiccated dinner,
put them onto a scuff's back, had disposed me a harmonious
smirk. I covet him the days of enterprise and ease
that melody before. While I would be in college, stuff


It correct inhuman to me. Only a yak!
I scramble out of the ditch and ran into the respond. There
were excessive astrobleme where the attack had landed, as if
a giant hand had clawed out the earth. The yak lay on the
edge of one mouth. It was still. Beneath it was a growing
plash of blood. I had never fell so sad as I did then, glance
at that dejected, dovelike animal, now deathlike. I seem up at the
mountains that had always seemed kind. Hiding in their
folds were men who had so accidentally destroyed my whole
the. What harm had we ever done to them?
I heard footsteps. It was a man-at-arms, excessive and hardy. With
a beard and a black puggaree. His plunder was slung across his
crowd. He expect violent, but when he spoke, his voice
was not unkind. "Your mother is attendance. It is not safe for
you to be here. We will give you a ride to borough." Then he
maxim the dead yak. "Your wellwisher?"
I nodded glumly.
Bending down, he took the little impudence bell off the neck.
"Keep this," he said gently, "to remin


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