Before the rain stopped falling

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Telling each other while waiting for rain to stop before returning to their homes.

I asked some persons whose age on average are still young, what do you like to do when it rains? Generally, they answered, sleeping. The reason I asked the young people because they naturally are individuals who likes to move, and very unhappy if there is something they want to do blocked, even though it was by a natural phenomenon that very frequent.

When the heavy rains fell, the safety of the trip is the main thing. We better stop.

Other mores that probably most preferred when it rains was eating or drinking something hot and warm, looking at the drops of water that fell and imprint in the puddles. But there are many people wanting or craving to be able be in a blanket on his warm mattress. Mattresses and blankets like a magnet that attracts a person to sleep and laze around.

Sometimes just keep quiet, the rain already mute the many stories are just playing in mind.

But in contrast with the kids. When the rain begins to fall, the common kids - and I tell you it was what I and my friends have experienced first in our childhood, and also what I see now on our children - to be very excited to play outside when it was raining heavily. Running, jumping, falling in a puddle of water was the parts that may not be missed. Very sad, and sometimes also annoyed if parents forbid them to play in the midst of the greatest natural phenomenon taking place. Rain accompanied by thunder and lightening does not hinder a great passion to plays. When thunder and lightning struck somewhere with a thunderous voice, the children spontaneously ran and hid, and for later go out again and back in plays.

We had to walk even in the rain because there really is urgent.

A traditional market in situations of rain.

Continue waiting for customers whatever happens.

There was also the lover of rain, called the pluviophile, that people who feel very happy when it rains even if they do not do things that are done by children. When it rains was favorite and awaited time; be "my time" for them.

There are many stories and chumminess overflowed when it rains.That way, the rain became something that brings a closeness.

And we still have to talk to each other for the sake of warmth.

When it rains, even though in many fields of life appear a variety of such deserted and motions are very slow, but there are also things that are moving with a passion such as children playing in the rain excitedly.

A deserted road and gray.

Indeed, not a good time to fly.

And, now, I will describe briefly how this natural phenomenon happening in our area through a study conducted by Mulyadi, titled: The Distribution of The Rainfall and Climate According to Koppen in Sumatra (Jakarta, 1965). The study was said that the climate in Aceh affected by several factors:

(a) Humid monsoon winds are blowing through the ocean and because of adiabatic cooling due to climbing mountains was causing rain.

(b) The area along the convergence between the tropic (Inter tropical convergence zone) or abbreviated ICZ, that a meeting of two air masses from north and south of the equator.

(c) Winds climbed mountains for cooling resulted orographic rain reaching its maximum altitude of 1,000 m. In addition, wind convection (rising air that on the equator) sends rain on the swampy areas and small islands.

(d) The geographical position is also have a great effect, such as the east coast of Aceh who gets northeast monsoon winds in December, January and February did not get much the rain, because it was fallen on the Malay Peninsula.

Ya, so that's all I can write before the rain stopped falling. Thank you for reading.

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