Campaka (serialized sci-fi) (only on Steem)

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Researching clues to a rash of family deaths by dehydration in banjars across Bali, Elizabeth stumbles onto the path of discovering who murdered her parents years ago. Each step yokes another question, as Elizabeth journeys from Ubud to Jakarta to Sydney in a quest for answers that only the past can reveal.

Rating- Fantastic
"Campaka has a sense of awareness to it. The way that the author describes (this) is fantastic! It gives me chills ... and makes me sympathize... (It) was an eye opener, it was beautifully written and had so much detail that whoever reads it would be astonished. Campaka is remarkable, well worth the read. The author has great talent."
by Beautifully Mixed

This is a work of fiction set a few years in the future.
Most of the sci-fi in it can be elucidated via a Tedtalk, physics journal, or even YouTube. It's set in the future, but it could be real today.
Like your sci-fi Steemy? Stay tuned to get the newest chapter as its rereleased only on Steem!
'Fabulous' on Wattpad, Steem offers an interactive system unique to our budding blockchain platforms.
I'm excited about this opportunity to bring you, serialized and re-edited, Campaka!

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