👻 The horrified Russian police ask for help from super priests to exorcise a tremendously violent #poltergeist of a house 👻

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The chairs move alone, strange noises coming from the walls, water that falls from the ceiling, objects that disappear mysteriously and reappear in the same place a few days later. These are some of the classic symptoms of a poltergeist. From the German "noisy ghost", a poltergeist refers to phenomena generally attributed to evil spirits or ghosts and which are characterized by psychokinesis or other physical manifestations.

Even some of the cases about the poltergeist phenomenon have been well documented throughout history. Apart from the most popular, such as Thornton Heath poltergeist or the Enfield case, this type of phenomena continues to occur in many parts of the world today. As we already published in Esoteric and Paranormal World, the history of the Ammons family came to cross borders. In 2012, the Ammons were attacked by invisible forces and their children were possessed by demonic entities. Although what caught the attention was that social workers, psychiatrists, priests, police, doctors and nurses were witnesses of the terrible history of the Ammons.

And now, we can add a new case to the list of documented poltergeist. The Siberian police requested help from local priests to exorcise a poltergeist from a haunted house.

The Kolpashevsky poltergeist

In the district of Kolpashevsky, Tomsk Oblast, Russia, police officers came to an unusual call from the tenants of one of the private houses in the town of Maraksa. According to a report by police inspector Alexander Budnik, on Monday, February 12, the tenants, a married couple and their adopted 15-year-old son reported that "strange things" were happening in his house.

When the police went to the place, they saw that everything was a mess, objects lying on the floor, moving furniture and a knife stuck in one of the walls of the kitchen. According to the tenants of the house, for two days they witnessed how the objects literally flew through the air, how the furniture fell, and even in the presence of police officers continued the poltergeist with the fall of the closet of an empty room and a shelf of a wall.

"A closet fell into the bedroom (next to a police officer) in the presence of other agents," the report says. "Later, books fell from a shelf and a stick flew out of an empty room. No rational explanation was found for the specified events. "

As the report says, without finding a rational explanation of what is happening, the police asked the priests for help, who went to the house to see if it was necessary to perform a consecration ceremony. The secretary of the Kolpashevskaya diocese, hieromonje Simeon Koinov, confirmed to the Russian media that everything indicated in the police report was true. And the priests performed the rite of consecration in the house and stayed all night.

"The report briefly and concisely summarizes everything that really happened in this house," explained a spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Church. "Yesterday we were called by the police and by the parents of a young man who lived in this house. A priest from the diocese of Kolpashevskaya came to the house, talked with the child, with his parents and prayed. He also witnessed all the things described in the report. Upon the arrival of the priest, the so-called "poltergeist" decreased a little, but then these phenomena continued again. We, for our part, decided to supervise this family and do everything possible to ensure that no one is in this house. The family was recommended to come to the temple to speak. "

According to a representative of the diocese of Kolpashevskaya, the clergy should investigate what kind of relationships exist between the family and the events that took place in the house.

Victims of psychokinesia

However, although this particular case could be related to ghosts, most poltergeist incidents are a type of psychic phenomena, usually centered on an individual. Some parapsychology researchers have hypothesized that the ability of a poltergeist to manipulate objects and the environment around them is due to psychokinesis.

Psychokinesis is essentially the ability to influence inanimate objects by using the power of the mind. Through this ability a person could cause a poltergeist. And in the unexplained event that occurred in Kolpashevsky, the teenager would be the one who would be provoking the poltergeist phenomenon.

As we have seen, the poltergeist phenomenon does not understand borders and can occur anywhere in the world. And the most frightening thing of all is that you could be the next victim of unwanted entities.

source: / Frente Fantasma

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Kinda scarry. Good post. ;)

Wow, amazing story!
The media doesnt share many of these stories so thanks for sharing!

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