Trying something new!

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We had a ladies night and decided to try these exfoliating foot peels. We all thought they felt different but we all love the end result of super soft feet!
First we had to wash our feet



Then put them in these plastic foot bags lined with mesh soaked in essential oils. 33A30038-6257-4F93-B7FE-61D3FE67A334.jpeg

Leave them on for 60-90 minutes. You can walk around and put socks over the top like so.( It felt very interesting walking, like the ground was slippery but you weren’t slipping)4B352D9C-A5A1-42AA-8495-B5191D46BF84.jpeg

Then we washed our feet again. 5F8E02A1-FE90-4FE7-9A03-182E9AEDA034.jpeg


Over the next two days our peeling. All the old skin started to come off. 41E40719-3085-4C57-A3F0-33C68CBE526D.jpeg


We soaked them for 10 minutes for the next two days as directed. DDBB3D3C-561C-4E90-B86E-DFFFE8542870.png

By one week all of our feet were shedding in full force. we all thought this looked disturbing and felt really weird, like lint between your toes you can’t get out. Lol 98C027E0-462B-4DE9-AF34-33EE26D8CCA9.jpeg

Over the 2nd week the skin really dried out and it all gradually falls off leaving you with super incredibly soft feet.D9DCB551-3D52-48D5-B2DC-6243060AB5D3.jpeg
I think we will all be doing this again, especially in the summer! I would recommend doing this is you have calused feet or rough heals! Hope you enjoyed the post!

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