Sunset Years !!

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What makes Indian culture different from others? It is our sanskaar that makes us unique. The relationship between the young and the elderly is the golden heritage of India. Even today, 100 million Indians start their day by touching the feet of their elders. Old age is that period of life when the heart searches for a light to reside in. It is that time in life when the hands which held us and fed us when we were young, look for care. It is that period in life when the wrinkled lines indicate the sunset of years in the horizon of life. It is when we, youngsters, are introduced to the integral role we need to play in the lives of the elderly. Our voice soothes their ears. Even if we sing really badly, our dear grandma will enjoy hearing our song. Even if we are not quite the dancer, our dear grandad will enjoy dancing to the beats along with us. It is our love and care that means so much to them. But do we really do justice to our role in their lives? If we do so, then why are there several abandoned parents and grandparents residing in the old age homes? The ones who did their best to make us smile are now shedding a thousand tears for us. They spent many sleepless nights looking after us when we were sick. They showered all their savings on our education and luxury. And in their old age, they are left with nothing but emptiness. Their 'old age' is the time when we need to show them our love and care.

The major culprits of the downfall of our society are the ones who disrespect their parents and elders. They lead their elder ones to that point in life where they have got no more tears to shed. We, at this young age, need to develop such a character which showers love and happiness upon others and not pain and tears. I appeal to every little budding star to share compassion with their elders. Our time is the only little thing they want. It is this small step that we need to take so that we can provide a better life to the thousands of helpless and abandoned people.

In the lines on their hands, we must see our future. Just a warm smile can light up their day and a minute of ignorance can ruin their life. Our love and care is all they need. Only with their blessings, our life would be bright and prosperous. So, we, as the younger generation need to develop such a society where all people can lead a fulfilling life.


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This is the best work, thank you for sharing!


I am glad you like it... thanks for the comment !!