Speaking Softly !!

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In a village, there lived a boy. One day, he went to a jungle by the village and thought of strolling around. During his tour, the boy saw a chubby baby elephant playing with a cheerful baby deer. The boy went closer to them. Seeing him, the duo stopped playing and asked his name. The boy said, "My name is Rinku, and what are your names, dear tiny tots?" The elephant introduced himself as Ele and the deer as Joy. Soon the trio became friends and began to play and chat. After sometime, they felt hungry and made a plan to go around and find food.

The three friends walked a long way into the jungle, but no fruit-bearing trees came to their notice. They felt hungrier and even more tired. After a few more minutes of walking, they suddenly saw a giant lion with his long, golden mane, resting under the shade of an apple tree. There were fallen apples all around him. Rinku, Ele and Joy wanted to have some apples, but were scared of the king of the jungle, sitting there as the authority. Since Joy was the most intelligent among all three of them, his friends requested him to find a solution. Joy did not say anything for a moment, thought awhile, and then he slowly moved ahead towards the lion, while his friends followed. He asked the king in a very soft, but clear voice, "Good afternoon, Your Majesty. Would you please allow us to pick some apples from the ground and also to take a few from the tree? We have not eaten anything for a long time." The lion turned his head to face Joy who was standing close to him, with his friends standing a little far. The king liked the way he spoke. He smiled and called upon the group to take as many apples as they could. Rinku, Ele and Joy cheered in delight.

While gathering the apples hurriedly, each one of them was thinking how a couple of nice words, spoken in a soft, clear voice could conquer even a ferocious heart. From that moment, they decided to be soft-spoken ever after.

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very heart touching story... thanx