Preserve Nature for a Better Future !!

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It was the last day of my annual examinations and my excitement knew no bounds. After the exam, when I returned home, my parents informed me that we were going to my grandparents. place in Sivasagar. On hearing this, I got ready as quickly as I could.

On the way, I kept thinking about my grandparents, since I had not seen them for months. Suddenly, as I looked out of the car, I realized that the scenery around the road had completely changed. I asked my father whether we were on the wrong road. He laughed and told me that we were on the right track. He also informed me that the government was making four-lane roads so all the trees near the road had been cleared. I was shocked!

Soon, we crossed a bridge and the river flowing under the bridge was polluted. I saw some people washing clothes in the river. Later, I came to know from my father that the main cause of pollution in this river are the wastes from the Gas Cracker Factory that releases all its toxic wastes into the river. He also told me that once upon a time, the fishes of that river were known for being tasty, but now they are no longer suitable for consumption.

Finally, we reached my grandparents' house. That night, I dream of a dark future that was waiting for us if we continued polluting the earth in this way. In my dream, I saw the polar ice caps melting due to global warming. The coastal areas were slowly going underwater, and people were suffering from various deadly diseases. The animals were crying for help, the plants were dying. I got so scared that I woke up with a jolt.

From that day on, I have started doing everything that I can to preserve Nature. I have even asked my friends to do the same. My friends and I have started recycling old newspapers, plastic materials, CFL bulbs, etc. I have started planting trees as much as I can. I reminded them of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's famous words that if we all plant one tree on our birthday each year, then it would be enough to preserve the earth. We have even started using public transport and carpooling, instead of using our private vehicles to go to school.

Friends, we must remember that the earth can live without us, but we can't live without it.

Thank You

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