Pretty Pinky (chapter 2)

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Good morning student!
Good morning Miss Lora!

We have a new student in our class today so let’s go through our routine by welcoming her with a round of applause to introduce herself to us

(God dam it, what kind of routine is this, where do I start from God please help me with this) she said to herself.

Good morning every one hmmmmm my name is Luciana peter but you can call me Lucy.
You are welcome they all chorused and hear is your seat the teacher directed her to her seat thank you ma, you are welcome.

Immediately a teacher came in and wrote sums on the board and he wrote some question on the board and he asked if anyone could solve it (so cheap) Lucy said to herself but was unwilling to put her hand up to her almost surprise nobody could solve it and the teacher was disappointed he saw a new face and he told her to stand up (what again) and he told her to come and give a try she was not willing to come out.

She has to then she remembered when she was in her former school when a question is asked and nobody knew the answer and all eyes would go on her and that usually gives her joy but she was not proud, so she went to the board and solve the sum in not less than a Minutes and she got it correctly and the teacher asked for her name and she told him and the teacher asked the class to clap for her, some were reluctant and showing attitude but few gave her a sound clap. She was surprise at them, she silently went to her seat and did not utter a word even if she was being asked by a teacher, she would not answer even if she know the correct answer

She was scared of everyone because she could not understand what was going on soon it was half time (break time) everybody went out but she remained inside the class because she was scared of asking someone direction and what she get in return is damination Hi she heard someone talking to her and she raise her head up and she saw someone smiling at her, aren’t you going out Mirabel asked

Nothing Lucy defended

I know there is something wrong with the kind of expression on your face, is it because of the way they behaved to you in class? It’s just for the jealous type who thinks you are new and you are not here to beat who was on the way before you, you don’t have to boarder yourself about that because that is the character of this school. But I assure you tomorrow will be great, so can we go to the car ten? No thanks, and also thank you for cheering me up. My name is Mirabel and I hope tomorrow you would be smiling right? Right replied Lucy smiling

Soon it was closing time and Lucy dad was already waiting for her, I hope you enjoyed yourself? Hmmmm was her reply

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