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We recall our ancestors those who died for a reason they might never get to understand, those who went below humanity and accepted to not only be referred to as animals but made to behave as animals.
The irony Is that the religion they held with high regard is the same religion that they used to justify acts of inhumanity, forgiveness is easy forgetting is hard, harder than we can ever think.

Africa bled years ago but for what. Indifference or uniqueness, oooh African child you submit too much, you take a lot for granted and welcome demons and treat them as angels.
That was and is our problem, we are so hospitable that's why colonization was so easy.
We are born to love and yet considered barbaric, African child we miss you , we miss you so much.

You died with our values, the mirror tells me a different figure is now with me, African child your tears are real.
We now look like the whole world and yet we were fine without it though we were known as babaric
MEMORY OF GEORGE STINEY JR..electrocuted 70 years ago

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