planet’s most extreme landscapes (extremely humid, arid, or height) grow some of the most curious plant species on the planet.

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 1. A flower up to 11 kilos in the jungle (Southeast Asia)
Plants without leaves or stems, just one huge flower, capable of reaching up to one meter in diameter and weigh about 11 kilos. They grow in moist forests in areas of Indonesia (Sumatra and Borneo) and jungles of Asia such as Jungle Khao Sok in Thailand. It is the world’s largest flower and is called Rafflesia arnoldii . They are unmistakable by its reddish color and its fetid odor to attract insects and flies that pollinate it. Although to observe, we must have some luck as they bloom every several years.

 Socotra is an island south of the Republic of Yemen, an isolated region plagued by endemic species, among them, plants and trees with incomparable ways. Among the most prominent, the dragon’s blood tree or Dracaena cinnabari, scattered throughout the island. Although it is good to know that of the 800 plant species of Socotra, third does not exist anywhere else on the planet. 

 Three. Cypress trees in the mist (USA)
Scrawny trees, growing around a lake ( Caddo Lake ), and swamps on the border between the states of Texas and Louisiana, in the United States. Often wrapped in fog, high humidity the moss grows accompanied by lush vegetation, a stage of scary movie that nature could not have done better: 


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