Keeping the intimacy in the month of Ramadan, By Breaking the fast together.

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Breaking the fast together is better known as open together seems to have become a tradition in many circles. Starting from open with a big family, friends, colleagues or a particular community. Starting from children to adults also do this joint opening event.

Rm. Jaring Pukat Lhokseumawe

Everyone has their own way of choosing the place for breaking the fast together. Whether it's in a restaurant, at home, at a stall, or even at work and school.

Sometimes we also break the fast together with old friends who never met or rarely met, can also be called a small reunion in the month of Ramadan.

Grilled fish

Apart from being a place to get to know each other, as well as a place to cure the longing after so long not to meet them. Even a relationship that could be interrupted can be woven again with the event of breaking fast together this.

which must be considered if you want to carry out the iftar event together so that the event that we carry out more meaningful :

1.Utamakan Silaturrahmi, 2. And sholat magrib, insya dan tarawih.






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Terimakasih telah menggunakan #ramadan-tkf. Sampai jumpa di Ramadhan 2019 😊

Salam hangat dari Kanada,