Another burger idea

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Looking for something to eat last night, I came up with this burger.
Total time: about half an hour. If you don't cook often, maybe forty-five minutes.
I mention this because it's easier, cheaper and more fun to cook for yourself then of "grabbing a bite" on the way home.
I only eat meals from scratch. Once you get in that habit you'll never go back.

saute mushrooms, I'm using grapeseed oil, use olive oil or butter if you'd prefer
sorry about the blurry images

saute kale, I'm using an olive oil I infused with oregano and garlic

kale reduced

the ground meat comes next

place the blue cheese when your burger is almost ready

Finally. Build the burger...

Add kale

and mushrooms

the top bun
There's my meal for the night! You can make one, too!

the remaining kale and mushrooms make a wonderful side dish for next time
or if you're vegan, there's your meal

Thanks for following along.

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Eat well,

So here's last night's dinner...


  • organic ground beef
  • organic locally grown kale
  • conventional white cap mushrooms
  • blue cheese
  • hamburger bun
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Great recipe. Surely like to have some time.