Today, as usual today, private gear cycling with a rickshaw pulling down the paddle slowly going forward

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Today, as usual today, the private ends of the gear bicycle with the back rickshaw, gradually pushing the paddle is going forward Dhruba. Daily routine is this constant, and because one of the rickshaws that the girl is going to go, the constant that she loves him very much.
The girl's name is, they look very sweet and with constant constant coaching. Dhruva has been feeling sincerely for six months, but she does not have the courage to tell him if he complains to Coaching's brother and if he tells the constant parents.

So look at the coaching every day and after reading the star's rickshaw to go back to their home. And for the past six months, the girl has followed this issue, that will be constant every day.


The girl also loves Dhruv, but she can not say before becoming a girl, waiting when the constant will tell her to love. They came to her house and stopped the constant bicycle a little away, it seems that the cycle's chain is being interpreted. But The chain of gear bicycles does not fall easily. They went from the gate before entering the house and saw the constant still standing. The girl knows as long as she does not enter the house, the time will stand constant, waiting for her to go inside. They liked the constant.


The love has not yet said so much care. Soon after Dhruva goes to his home, and continues to make thousands of dreams about his love. With the passing of the day, the love of each other's mind is increasing very much. But no one is saying to anyone. One day Coaching's other son liked the name of Blue and the Blue. At the end of the blue, the blue said to stand the star, they were looking at all the idle and constant


Blue stars propose directly. But they say that I love one and love him. I can not love you. Nile then asks who you love whom he loves? They then show the constant and say that I love the constant. Neil is okay, blue goes away because of this But seeing them from a distant distance and burning up in jealousy. Today, she will tell her to tell her love. But when she is going from her side, she says nothing else. Did not get the courage

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