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RE: Legends Of The Multiverse #18 - BENEATH, Part 1: The Transmission

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Holy sh!t. Id be terrified too if i was there. I dont quite comprehend the entire thing but from what i do understand it seems very ominous. Thanks for sharing dber, you the man.
Several people have reccomended i follow you on account of your mycology posts.


They're definitely the bread and butter - but I also post fiction stories in between :) - thanks for taking a look.

Big back log of mycology posts if you have an interest - but it'll be a few days before my next new one and then a couple of weeks break in the end of february.

Nice. Yeah i live in the woods in oregon where the fun guys are eeeeeverywhere so ive recently gotten pretty deep into mycology.
On that note, it's about morel season! They're already popping up here.

Lucky! I'm gonna be in san fran on a week and hoping to get a good hike or two in. Out on the East Coast there are morels also, even in Nyc parks according to legend, but theu are fiercely protected by their yearly harvesters.

Thats how the magical ones are in Washington! Theyre literally everywhere so the law states you're not allowed to forage for ANY mushrooms without a permit. Here in oregon you can possess up to a gallon (weird unit of measurement, trust me i know) of wet mushrooms per person. Including psilocybins, and any spores, as you can have them for scientific research purposes. Only illegal once dry.

The permits are literally only 6$ for 10 days of unlimited foraging though. Its super lax over here.

Huh - actually I think you technically need a permit to forage in the NY state parks as well - although I'm not sure the penalties for failing to get one. Nor am I sure if the rationale is the same.

"Up to a gallon?" So strange - how does one measure a gallon of fresh mushrooms? They must have commercial licenses too I suppose with larger limits.

I guess I'll check in san francisco as well... although I don't forage for food generally - just a few representative samples of a given species to do a write up on usually.

Im almost positive we have the same laws as cali. The one gallon or unlimited permit.
It really bugs me because you can fit like 3 whole chantys in a gallon, OR if you ground them up you could fit like 100???!

You can legally walk away from a cop with a 'gallon' of cubensis wet, but if they're dried.... 6 months in county! Which is silly because not only is there still psilocybin in wet specimens, but theres an extremely higher content of psilocyn. Which is directly linked to the hallucinations. Psilocybin is more for the body high.

In all 50 states however, spore syringes and spore prints are unclassified, meaning you can order them online and legally have them shipped. AFOAF just ordered some not long ago and is currently awaiting his cuban cubensi mycelium to colonize the wet vermiculite. (;


Morels usually, traditionally are found in areas burned by forest fires.
Aaaaaand it just so happens most of california just finished burning a few months ago. So make sure you take a trip into the forest.:)

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