It's Our Anniversary!!!

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So I want to share a story with you today. It may sound a bit unusual but it is one truth I'm super excited about.

That smile you see in this picture wasn't there 2 years back. Yeah, I flashed smiles but there was no peace or joy deep within. Just deep emptiness. I'm sharing this with you because yesterday, 20th March, 2018 was my 2nd year anniversary with the Holy Spirit. I became a year older in Christ.💃💃💃

No one would understand how emotional I am right now. Probably because you have no idea what He delivered me from and how He has been training me to become the light I ought to be. Honestly, it's not been easy. On some days, I felt encouraged and on some other days, I felt discouraged and wanted to give up. It was in our training sessions that I learnt that trials are not the enemy. Rather, I am supposed to let it help me develop patience and thanksgiving even in times where there seem to be no reason to thank God.

Prior to the year 2016, I was just another lost young lady trying to find herself in relationships, addictions and several bad habits that did not glorify God. The guilt was so much that suicide started to seem like the better option. Imagine if I had let the devil deceive me further and I actually took my own life🤦.

Being with Jesus has taught me the most important lesson: Jesus loves me. Yes, He does and I'm convinced that no one loves me like Jesus does. He has taken His time to prune me, cutting off those things that cannot go where He is taking me. I have lost friends, hobbies,and even business deals too because of Him. I'm learning everyday what it means to deny myself to please God and trust me, it's not an easy thing to do. Yet God's grace has been sufficient. I've learnt that the hardest [bittersweet experience] things produce the most beautiful result.

When I first started, I had people tell me that I was making the wrong choice. "Jessica, why would you give up what you have it something you are unsure of? Don't worry, you will be back." Today, I stand, not by my own strength but by the grace of God, saying that God has truly been faithful. I'm still with Him and will be with Him till the end as long as He wills me to live. And oh, the devil has tried severally through some beloved people to take me back but you see, when you are totally committed to bringing pleasure to God, sin is not an option.


There has been times when I almost got back to where I used to be but God's mercies prevailed. So, I'm grateful today. Perhaps you are at crossroads - contemplating on whether you should give it all up for Jesus. Perhaps you have made the choice but you can't seem to find the strength to actually go through with it, receive strength in Jesus name. Pick up yourself and walk to Jesus Christ. Do not look back else you may not have the opportunity to return back. God saved me so I can help others as He has helped me. I hope my testimony of God's faithfulness and commitment to the one He loves, encourages you to walk away from your current status and begin a new life in Him.

I'm glad I have a Best Friend, Lord and Father. Happy Anniversary to us.

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