## Story of Dilu

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Chowdhurypara is a district of the capital Dhaka. Shuja, Sunirmal, Pradeep and Akbar are part of the group of bad boys in this neighborhood. As they are older, their unwritten leader is Shahjahan. At that time, a new boy came as a tenant in this neighborhood. The boy's name is Dilu. Shahjahan Bhai and his team decided that Dilu couldn't be ignored at all.


It is far from being included in the team. But Dilu doesn't want less. How smart Dilu got it all and took refuge in the team with all the weird tricks and tactics. He did everything in such a way that there was no way to remove him from the team. From then on, all the fun things started happening in the neighborhood, at school or outside the neighborhood. And the hero of these incidents is Dilu. Shahjahan's brother also began to lose Dilu's intellect again and again. Reading these incidents, the reader will have a smile on his face. Although this story written by Rahat Khan was published a long time ago, its appeal to readers has not waned at all. So you can read the fun book.

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