Spectacle Sir!

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There is a spectacle sir in this school. He sells glasses to students. Do not take any money in return. However, if you want to buy glasses for free, you have to fulfill some conditions. Parents and class teachers have to be taken along when buying glasses. Rishad did not want to come to this school at all. The previous school was his favorite. Although Serera used to scold her and keep her standing when she could not read, she still had a great time with her classmates. There were jam-jamrul trees in the corner of the field. Rishad would climb the tree with the help of Sir's eyes. Filling the pockets of his pants, he would sometimes bring jam and sometimes jamrul.

Glasses SIr.PNG
(Collected Photo)
Then everyone had fun and ate salt and pepper together. No one would make the mistake of asking their mother for salt and pepper while packing the schoolbag. When Rishad climbed the tree, he noticed strange things. Huge spider web in the middle of the two branches. The spider is sitting in the middle. I used to see caterpillars coming towards him pushing their own body. Once he was caught by ants. Jamrul was hit in the ant's house when he fell. Immediately a group of ants attacked Rishad. He knew the way to escape from the clutches of the ants.

To be continued

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