Tricia and Her Best Friends

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Tricia has four Best friends who already have the good life like they'll always call it. Her best friends, Lucia, Sarah, Amanda and Pretty had known each other since from creche. Their mothers are all successful entrepreneurs and their father own big and successful companies in Abuja.

They do everything together, had their bath together, eat, dance, and sing together. They spend weekends in each others appartments, take vacations together, go shopping together. They were all very lively and crazy rick kids but among Tricia and her best friends, she's the most reserved and matured. She's very rich yet she has a goldly heart and does not oppress the poor unlike her best friends who would rather get a new piece of jewelry than give to the poor. Tricia's relationship doesn't last because all the men who dated her either wanted her money or wanted her virginity but she was very wise enough not to give any out to any man. Her best friends switch relationships whenever they like so they really don't really know what of feels to be in love. Tricia wants a man who would love her for what she is and not who she is.

One day after work Tricia met Ken a very young and spoilt rich man. He was good looking and seem like heaven's sent at first. Tricia went on multiple dates with ken and after few months they became an item. Ken was very serious and wanted them to get married so after meeting her parents and officially introducing himself to them, he proposed to her on their dinner date. Tricia was very surprised and with tears rolling down her cheeks she said yes. He wore her the beautiful diamond ring and the locked lips. Trivia was excited and she called her four best friends and told the the good news, they were all happy for her. I know you would be the first amongst us all to get married, Lucia said and they all laughed.


Ken told his bestfriend, Kelvin that he didn't want an elaborate wedding he just needed something very small with only close friends and families invite to their wedding. Kelvin was shocked because he knows Ken isn't ready for marriage yet and he hasn't even told his parents about his upcoming wedding. Why haven't you told your parents about the wedding, Kelvin asked? Ken replied "I told Tricia my parents are late so my aunt will be the only family I would want for the wedding". Kelvin was very angry to hear that, how could you lie to your wife to be ken, what kind of a monster are you? Ken told kelvin that he has everything in control and that Kelvin should just relax.

While writing down the list of people who would be invited for the wedding, Tricia gave Ken her list of about 40 people and he told her to remove some name that he only want the total number of guests to be 20, she was very shocked but she just had to flow so she included her 4 best friends and her family members. They planned their bachelor's eve and spinster party in the same hotel where they lodged. Tricia invites her 4 best friends while ken invited his Bestie, Kelvin.

Its been a while Tricia and her best friends hunged out they out graduated from Babcock university so they decide to catch up. Lucia told Tricia that she's finally found love, he stays I here in Abuja and is very rich. "Wow" Tricia exclaimed, then what are you still doing in Lagos abi you want all this Abuja girls to snatch your man from you? Ah no oh I will think about moving to Abuja soon, anyways I will introduce him to you after your wedding. Pretty, Amanda and Sarah also told Tricia about the man in their lives, Tricia was so happy that at last, love struck her best friends. Just as they were all laughing and catching up, ken knocked on the door and she let him in. When ken got in, he saw Lucia and was shocked, Lucia Sarah and Pretty looked at each other in shock too. Tricia not knowing what was going on happily introduced Me to her besties and they all greeted him with a fake smile. After ken left, her best friends also left back to their respective rooms. Ken told Kelvin that Lucia is one of Tricia's best friend, kelvin knowing about Lucia and ken relationship observed the wedding might not go smoothly as planned.

When Lucia got back to her room she started crying a and remembering all the things ken told her, how much he lives her and how they are going to spend forever together, how come he's marrying my beat friend she said. She wanted him to answer all her questions so she went to his room and he was just defending himself with mere words saying how would he had known that she was his Tricia's beatfriend and that he knows her as nneka so how come she's now bearing Lucia. Lucia was crying and demanding to know why he didn't propose to her instead like he promised but he started kissing her to make her stop the questioning and they ended up having sex. She sneaked out of his room but her friend Pretty saw her and went with he to her room. "Babe gist me what happened between you and ken, una do that thing abiii"? Which thing are you taking about?Please leave my room, I'm sleepy, Lucia told pretty.. Pretty left and went to ken's room to ask him the same question. Ken tried to deny but when she insisted Ken and Lucia slept together, ken had no other choice than to seduce Pretty into sleeping with her too. Amanda also saw pretty coming out of ken's room and suspected something was going on. She didn't question anybody just yet but she decided to be more observant till she catches them. Kelvin knew what was going on and couldn't let poor Tricia marry his crazy best friend so he told her everything he's been observing.

On Wednesday afternoon after they got back from cake testing, ken was resting in his room when Amanda got in. What are you doing in my room, ken asked. I know you've been cheating on Tricia with pretty and lucia so I'm going to tell Tricia bow if you don't stop. Okay fine!!! I will stop but can I tell you something he asked, and Amanda answered you're free. He pulled closer to her touching her hair and trying to kiss her neck. She pushed him away and then he held her closer and tighter to body and made sure she falls for his seduction which after so much struggle she did and they both had sex too. Kelvin and Tricia were watching from a distance and waiting to see when Amanda would come out and when Amanda finally got out of Ken's room, Tricia was trying to go after her when kelvin held her back and escorted her to her room. Tricia cried and couldn't believe her best friends would do such a thing to her. Ken had already slept with all her best friends except Sarah and they sometimes they even do it in foursomes. Sarah noticed the three of her friends coming out of Ken's room all adjusting their nighties. She needed explanation but her friends told her they went to drop something in his room. Sarah asked them all of you? Why didn't you all just give it to Kelvin instead and they replied "Kelvin wasn't in his room when we got there so we decoded to drop it off ourselves". She noticed they were all shaky so she went over to ask Ken. When ken opened the door after hearing a knock on the door, he said " You too??? You want me too? Sarah was like oh Please stop that, why are you sleeping with my best friends? And you know Tricia is still a virgin, so why can't you just wait till tomorrow??? He tried flirting and seducing her like he did to the rest three but she slapped him and left his room. She didn't want to hurt Tricia and she didn't even know where to start from.

Finally its the wedding day, they all dressed, took pictures and went to the altar. When the pastor asked "Is there anybody who is against this union, speak now or forever hold your peace" Tricia raised her hands and exposed her friends and husband to be in front of the altar. She was proud of Sarah but also angry at her for not telling her what she had saw days back. "Kelvin told me everything ken, so your parents live abroad but you lied to me that you're an orphan, do you want my virginity that bad?" Tricia said. Ken, Pretty, lucia and amanda got on their knees and started begging. Kelvin has loved Tricia since he met her, matter fact it was even him who introduced Ken to Tricia but Ken was fast enough to make Tricia fall for him. So ken got on his knees and begged Tricia to be his wife. Ken immediately punched Kelvin for trying to seperate him from his wife but Tricia ignored ken and said yes to Kelvin.

Kelvin and Tricia left the country and 6 months later, they got married. This time it wasn't something small but an elaborate wedding. Ken also left the country while Sarah, Amanda, Pretty and Lucia relocated Ghana. Their friendship was in chaos but Lucia, Amanda and Pretty kept begging Tricia over the phone and on Skype. Kelvin begged to Tricia forgive them, Tricia listened to her husband kelvin and leto of the past.

14 months later, they all saw each other again when Sarah invited all of them for her wedding in Dubai, they forgot the past and still lived like best friends although the trust wasn't there like before. Ken was no where to be seen since the day his weedding crashed in the altar neither could anyone see him online in all his social media handles anymore.


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