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RE: Keeping My Child out of Foster Care, Because I Grew up in This System That Really Doesn't Care!!

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Oh, Mark...This post...First of all, I hope and trust that you and your family are safe now? As an unschooling parent it is truly horrifying to me to hear that you were threatened in this manner. It makes me feel angry, sad, many emotions, actually. Most of all, it makes me yearn for a world where we free spirits, and in fact ALL people, are free from tyranny and oppression. And I trust on a personal that you and yours will only be brought closer together than ever, and find a place where you will be safe to continue to spread your message of peace and love without the fear of violence.

I resonate very deeply with what you wrote here because I had a very troubled childhood and almost ended up in a 'care home' at 15 years old. I spent a few months living with a foster couple in our village because of the need for me to complete my exams at school there. Fortunately, they were very sweet and harmless, although I have to say, I despised them at the time - they were even more mainstream and fuddy-duddy than my parents, which 15-year-old me found very repellent! As the end of my exams neared the threat of being put into a care facility for troubled teens in the nearest city loomed and the social worker assigned to me became more feared and loathed by myself. He took me to visit the place I'd be transferred to and it (and he) completely freaked me out. I responded by running away as soon as I'd finished sitting my exams, at almost 16 years of age. Sadly, I ran straight into a very dangerous situation with an older man who saw me coming a mile off and proceeded to ruin the next 2 years of my life in ways that devastated the next several years of it.

You are absolutely right that this issue is HUGE and needs addressing by US, the PEOPLE, as part of a systematic extrication of ourselves and our children from the system of ABUSE that currently reigns upon this beautiful earth. I am here to help in any way that I can. As you'll see from my posts here on Steemit and elsewhere, I have turned my life around and used my own horrific experiences for the good. I am an agent for change and actively promote loving personal responsibility, individualism and autonomy. But I won't tell you it's been easy. That shadow is indeed long, and escaping the trauma nearly killed me.

Sending you and your loved ones so much love, from me and my unschooled 15-year old, Mark. We're in the UK, so anybody who would like information or to correspond about the situation here is very welcome to get in touch.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject @jaytaylor.
it's obvious that this problem is more wide spread than most people think.

I'm sorry you had to go through such trauma at the hands of such a man, I am glad you made it out the other end though.

I am glad you have turned your life around and are now in a position to make your voice heard and make a difference, you are right that we need to adress this HUGE problem that so many children are now going through.

We should all start to coordinate our efforts in shedding light on these atrocities.

Thanks for reaching out to me, I feel more positive now from the response on this topic.


You are far from alone, Mark, which is terribly sad but also means that we have great strength - in numbers - and that we survivors are STRONG; and once we begin opening up to each other and joining together to protect and rescue those who are suffering abuse now, we will be a force to be reckoned with for SURE. Thank you for your bravery. Love to you and yours, Jay ❤

I can’t imagine all of the horrors you must have survived back then. But what a blessing that you are here and able to use your experiences to help and support others. Many blessings to you~

Big hugs to you, @crosheille - thank you for your kindness ❤

Hugs right back at ya~ 🤗