A Stanley Kubrick Fake? The Interview Conspiracy:

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I mean where do one begin with this conspiracy scenario? And why is this particular director being targeted, as claims have once again pressed the issue of the supposed moon landings, which is now coming upon it's 50th anniversary next year.

This doesn't come to any surprise about the mixed feelings whether or not man has ever set journey to the moon, (Let Alone EXACTLY Physically Setting Foot On It Period.) And it's expected to stay coursing along this track for those who still believe that it's possible to travel to the moon, and beyond.

See it was a particular speech given back in 1961 by a young upcoming President Kennedy, and the speech he gave that day was out in front of the Washington Monument, where other great leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King stood in front of millions to give their speech, and the purpose was to give citizens hope, determination, and drive to push forward making their dreams become an reality. In other words, working hard to accomplish the impossible (EVEN IF YOU FAIL, YOU NEVER GIVE UP AND TRY AGAIN!)

There was another young upcoming star in the world of directing, he was noted for his early works as he shielded "encoded messages." Movies such as Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining, even Full Metal Jacket, was set up and designed by their creator Kubrick to tell you a story behind a REALLY CLEVERLY HIDDEN BIGGER STORY.

This is where I place great directors such of great caliber into a class all by themselves.

Honestly, the info they wanted to share with the mass public COULDN'T BE SHOWN TO THEM WHAT SO EVER!

Remember this is the Elite of not only Hollywood, but also the Elite of high-prominent families, companies, corporations, law enforcement, national security operatives, Capitol Hill, the list goes on and on.

Kubrick knew the repercussions if one was to come outright to talk about such things, after all he was held in contempt when he signed on to direct Eyes Wide Shut, it was at this point were he was told NOT to pull any of the shenanigans he did with his previous film creations (THAT WENT EXTRA DOUBLE FOR THE SHINING -- HE REALLY P'ED OFF THE ELITE WITH THAT ONE, WITH THAT WHOLE "ROOM 237" CONTROVERSY LOL.)

So now I got you wondering about the "Room 237" controversy I take it?

Haha, don't worry you'll be able to check out some of the external links below in the SEO Section that's a promise!

I'll lay out a table and the meanings of the purpose of these great films.

Kubrick's Hush-Hush Meanings In Movies

 "2001: A Space Odyssey"   [was a psychedelic / chemical film: a mind altering experience]  

 "A Clockwork Orange"   [focused on youth in society, the shifting of morality, references to the millennial generation today]  

 "Full Metal Jacket"   [Kubrick's references to the events of the WWII Holocaust -- the psychedelic aspects of swastika symbolism, was an indirect angle cleverly played out under the events of Vietnam wartime in the film itself, the hidden symbolism of free-masonry, and the lucrative on-goings of the war economy]  

 "Eyes Wide Shut"   [One of Kubrick's MOST CONTROVERSIAL LAST FILM, exposing the true nature of the hidden occult, free-masonry symbolism, the power elite in entertainment, it made indirect references to "teddy bear symbolism" -- which is linked to pedophilia]  

Kubrick was sharing secrets many of which couldn't possibly decipher, it would take inside info from the higher-ups in Hollywood to pass this information down to someone who in turn exposed the film for what it was REALLY trying to say with the use of subliminal messages and visual interpretations.

So when I see this guy in the interview claiming to be Kubrick, I just fell out LMAO big-time.

But check it all out for yourself, and YOU decide what's what..

Kubrick's Fake Twin?


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