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There are some historic and unable to forget incidents that happened in the 19th and 20th century which are still being talked about till today. One notable and sickening one is the story of "Jack the Ripper". I'll be taking you down the memory lane of an incident that happened centuries ago in 1888, which will be splited in episodes. To remind you, Reader's discretion is adviced!!

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He struck terror into the heart of London's east end. Fear and panic stalked the streets, and the mention of his name would silence a noisy pub. Jack the ripper was what they called .....this twisted and mysterious killer who preyed on women forced by poverty to sell their bodies for a few pennies in the alleys and backstreets.

Jack the ripper's reign terror was mercifully short. Three month after he first struck, on a warm summer night a century ago, he claimed his last victim.

He is known to have murdered at leave five women and some criminologist believe the true tally is eleven, but his identity has remained a mystery. Scotland yard files on the case were to be made public in 1992 but they are expected to cast little new light on the mysterious attacker.

All that is known for a certain, the ripper has some medical knowledge and was left-handed as a police surgeon who examined the remains of his victims noticed. He's believed to have been a tall,slim,pale, with a black mustache. Several people including a police man, saw such a man hurrying away from the vicinity of the crime. In each case, he was said to be wearing a cap and a long coat, and to walk with a vigorous stride of a young man.

The terror begin shortly after 5am on the morning of 7th August 1888, when a man found the mutilated body of a woman on the landing of a Whitechapel, tenement block. She was identified as a matter turner, a prostitute, she had been stabbed several times.

The murder of a East-end prostitute was no rare thing in those days. London's dock were always filled with ships from around the world, and foreign sea men pack the pubs and sleazy drinking dens near the water front. But the mutilation was unusual. And when a second, similar murder happen 24 days later, fear brought a chew to the warm late summer evenings.

The body of 42 years-old-Mary Ann Nicholls- known as Pretty Polly-was found in the early hours of 31 August. Mary had been trying to earn a fourpence, the price of a dosshouse bed, with perhaps a few coppers more for a couple of tots of gin. When last seen, she was approached by a tall pale man, and disappeared into the shadows with him. She was found with her throat cut, and her body savagely mutilated.

A detective said, "only a mad man could have done this". And a police surgeon added "I've never seen so horrible a case" ...**

A week later, the ripper struck again, killing “Dark Annie”, Chapman who was 47 and dying of tuberculosis. Her disemboweled body was found by Porter from a spitalfilleds market, Her few possession neatly laid out alongside.

On 25th September , 18 days after Annie's death ,letter arrived at the central News agency in Fleet Streets. It reads :

“Dear boss, I keep on hearing that the police have caught me but they won't fix me yet... I am down on certain types of women and I won't stop ripping them until I get buckled.
Grand job, that last job was. I gave the lady no time to squeal. I love my work and want to start again. You will soon hear from me, with my funny little game.
I saved some of the proper red stuff in a ginger beer bottle after my last job to write with,but it went thick like glue and I can't use it red ink is fit enough, I hope. Ha, ha!
Next I shall clip the ears off and send them to the police just for jolly.'

The letter was signed ~jack the ripper~, it was the first time the name had ever been used and it immortalized this twisted and mysterious killer of the London backstreets.

The nest victim was Elizabeth 'Long Liz' Stride, whose body was found behind a factory gate by a policeman on the morning of of Sunday 30 September. She had not been multilated, and police suspected the ripper has been disturbed In his grisly task.

But he soon found another victim..........

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Stay Tunned Fellas.


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